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Irvine Company has
been a pioneer in
sustainable development
with environmental
stewardship at the core
since the company's
founding in 1864


As California suffers through one of the most severe droughts in its history, all of us are being called upon to do our part to conserve water.  The Irvine Company is proud to serve as an industry leader and pioneer in the efficient use and – notably – reuse this precious resource since the company’s founding as an agricultural company more than 150 years ago.

Well before the drastic measures made necessary by the California drought, we’ve had a long history of environmental stewardship.  Year after year, we have taken a proactive approach to thoughtfully and innovatively conserved and reused water. 

The results of such visionary planning have been impactful.  Our proactive approach to water conservation has resulted in saving more than 209 million gallons of water each year in our office properties.   Of that total, we use or are converting to state-of-the-art, high-efficiency irrigation systems that reduces water consumption by 122 million gallons of water annually in our landscaping efforts. In addition, our water treatment system upgrades have resulted in an annual water savings of 10 million gallons, earning the 2015 Nalco Water Saver Award (Platinum Level).




Energy ConservationIrvine Company Office Properties has implemented a variety of practices to help conserve energy in our office properties and buildings. This includes HVAC system modifications like retro commissioning, VFDs and optimized sequence of operations, as well as lighting retrofits via high efficiency lamps, ballasts and LED's. Enhanced metering and tracking with alerts for abnormal consumption are also in place.

The national symbol for superior energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR has long been a reflection of good stewardship of environmental resources.

Irvine Company is routinely a top building owner of ENERGY STAR certified buildings in the nation by square footage.



EV Charging StationsAs the demand for alternative energy vehicles increases, Irvine Company Office Properties is proud to offer electric vehicle charging stations at a growing number of our properties. The stations are available for use by both our building customers and visitors for a nominal charge.

EV charging stations are available at properties across all four of our California markets--Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, as well as our Chicago property.

The benefits of an electric vehicle are vast.  For example, traveling on electricity produces less tailpipe emissions per mile than conventional vehicles, even considering power-plant emissions. These vehicles contribute to a cleaner commute and reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.



Since the Irvine Company was founded as an agricultural company more than a century ago, it has conserved and reused water by all means available. Find out more about the company's open space legacy and commitment to environmental responsibility at www.goodplanning.org.

"We are pleased that our customers can share in the operational benefits that come from sustainable buildings, including providing environmentally healthier workplaces for their employees to help promote job satisfaction and productivity."

– Doug Holte, President


Thoughtful stewardship guided by a determination to leave a positive legacy for future generations has been and always will be a core value of Irvine Company.

For more than a century, Irvine Company has been at the forefront of what has come to be known as green design, construction and operation.

This philosophy is evidenced in our office properties where sustainable practices are a part of everyday operations.

In addition, as a company with a long-term outlook, the Irvine Company is committed to contributing to the quality of our communities by reinvesting in our portfolio and keeping our properties fresh and up-to-date.

We want to ensure that we continue to own the highest quality and most attractive properties in the market. We hope that our investment will, in turn, have the effect of maintaining strong property values in the broader community.


LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) CERTIFICATION

LEED CertifiedMore than 50 office towers totaling 16 million square feet have been awarded LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council® in the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance category—a designation reserved for the highest performing, most sustainable buildings. The company is California's largest LEED portfolio owner.

All of our properties are operated using sustainable practices as performance measurement guidelines.

“Irvine Company has exhibited an exemplary commitment to transforming the real estate market through the LEED green building program. We congratulate the company for its leadership in building a healthier, more sustainable future.”

--Rick Fedrizzi, President & CEO
  U.S. Green Building Council



Irvine Company Office Properties has been named an Energy Star Top Performer for 2013 by the Environmental Protection Agency, honoring the company’s commitment to environmental protection through superior energy performance across its large portfolio of office properties.

For 2013, Irvine Company was the only company in the real estate sector in California and one of eight nationwide to receive Energy Star Leader status.

The EPA uses a series of benchmarking measurements to monitor companies’ energy efficiencies to determine Top Performer status. Based on the EPA’s benchmarking measures, a company must achieve a total Energy Star percentile score of 75 or greater; Irvine Company’s score was 80.

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality workplaces for our customers, and sustainable operations are at the core of our commitment. We are honored to be recognized by the USGBC through LEED certification.”

– Doug Holte, President 


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

LEED CertifiedMore than 50 office towers totaling 16 million square feet have been awarded LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council® in the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance category—a designation reserved for the highest performing, most sustainable buildings. The company is California's largest LEED portfolio owner.

The company also became an EPA Green Power Partner for investment in U.S. based renewable energy in support of its LEED certification efforts.

Select by market below for a listing of our LEED Certified buildings:

Los Angeles CHICAGO    


• Irvine Company Office Properties has been named an EPA Green Power Partner due to its investment in U.S. based renewable power in support of its LEED certification effort. The company is ranked #80 in the Top 100 partners list and is one of only a handful of real estate companies to attain this level of nationwide recognition.

• #1 owner of ENERGY STAR certified buildings in the U.S. by total number of buildings certified in 2013. It is #4 Nationwide by total area.

• #1 office building owner in California by total number of buildings and total area qualifying for 2013 Energy STAR certification.

• Recognized by the EPA as a 2013 Energy STAR Leader for actively benchmarking >50% of the entire Irvine Company portfolio and having a portfolio-wide Energy STAR score >75 (in the top quartile in the nation). It was the only California-based real estate company to receive this award and 1 of only 9 nationwide.

• Palm Court (15615 Alton Parkway) was recognized in the 2013 National Building Competition for a 17% improvement in energy usage. Out of almost 1000 office building entries, it was ranked #30 nationwide and #10 in California. Irvine Company placed 5 buildings in California's Top 20 for energy reduction.

 • 2015 Nalco Water Saver Award for sustainable practices to reduce water consumption resulting in conservation of over 10,000,000 gallons (Platinum-level).  


Many of our buildings have received the The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Award. These awards are considered the most prestigious and comprehensive programs of their kind in the commercial real estate industry recognizing quality in buildings and rewarding excellence in building management.

All facets of a building's operations are thoroughly evaluated from site management to community involvement and environmental policies and procedures.


Irvine Towers (18500 Von Karman): Earth Award Category (Regional Recognition)

Jamboree Center (1 & 2 Park Plaza): Renovated Building Category (International Recognition)

Pacific Arts Plaza (3200 Park Center Drive): Renovated Building Category (Local Recognition)


Fox Plaza: 500,000–1 Million Square Feet Category (International Recognition)


One America Plaza: Over 500,000 Square Feet Category (Local Recognition)

101 West Broadway: 250,000-500,000 Square Feet Category (Regional Recognition)

La Jolla Centre (4660 La Jolla Village Drive): Earth Award Category (Local Recognition)

The Plaza (4370 La Jolla Village Drive): 500,000 – 1 Million Square Feet Category (Local Recognition)


Hyatt Center Over Million Square Feet Category (International Recognition)

300 North LaSalle Earth Award Category (Regional & Local Recognition)




The national symbol for superior energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR has long been a reflection of good stewardship of environmental resources. A program created by the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, this label signifies that a commercial building's energy performance rates in the top 25 percent of facilities nationwide.

Irvine Company is the #1 office building owner of ENERGY STAR certified buildings in California by square footage and #4 in the nation. By number of buildings certified, the company ranks #1 nationally.

Energy Star Labeled Buildings include:


  • 20 & 40 Pacifica
  • 100 Spectrum Center Drive
  • 300 Spectrum Center Drive
  • 500 Newport Center Drive
  • 550 Newport Center Drive
  • 610 Newport Center Drive
  • 620 Newport Center Drive
  • 660 Newport Center Drive
  • Irvine Towers
  • Corporate Plaza ( 23 Corporate Plaza and 1600 Newport Center Drive)
  • Executive Park (9 & 26 Executive Park)
  • Gateway Plaza (110 Newport Center Drive and 120 & 170 Gateway Plaza)
  • Jamboree Center
  • MacArthur Court (4665, 4685, 4675 & 4695 MacArthur Court)
  • Newport Gateway
  • Pacific Arts Plaza ( 3200 Park Center Drive, 3200 Bristol, 611 & 675 Anton)
  • Palm Court (15615 & 15635 Alton Pkwy)
  • San Joaquin Plaza (2 & 4 San Joaquin Plaza)
  • Skypark Business Center (17744, 17748 & 17752 Skypark Circle)
  • 41, 43 & 49 Discovery
  • One Technology Park I
  • 19 Technology
  • University Research Park (110 & 111 Innovation)

  • Western Asset Plaza
  • 101 West Broadway
  • 225 West Broadway
  • Centerside
  • 501 West Broadway
  • Executive Square (4225, 4250, 4270 & 4275 Executive Square)
  • La Jolla Center
  • La Jolla Gateway
  • One America Plaza
  • The Plaza (4370 La Jolla Village Drive, 4350 & 4365 Executive Drive)
  • Park Plaza
  • Symphony Towers
  • Wells Fargo Plaza

  • Silicon Valley Center (2540, 2550, 2570, 2580 & 2590 N. First St.)

  • Fox Plaza
  • Westwood Gateway

  • Hyatt Center
  • 300 North LaSalle