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Chicago is distinguished as one of the largest cities in the nation, situated along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, and serves as an important center for business, culture, entertainment and transportation. The acquisition of the 71 South Wacker continues the Irvine Company’s efforts throughout the past two decades to diversify its investment property holdings beyond its original Orange County, California market. Located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the country, 71 South Wacker is home to several leading professional services companies and firms and is the most sought-after location in the West Loop sub-market of Chicago’s premier Central Business District.

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Bob Smith
"71 South Wacker continues to be one of the premier buildings in Chicago. Talking about our experience as a building customer is an easy topic because we enjoy being here on a daily basis."

Warren E. Holtsberg
Co-Head, Portfolio Management
MVC Capital, Inc.
Located at 71 South Wacker